SPOILERS Harry Potter IV

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Jul 12 09:45:42 EDT 2000

OK, before I started the _Goblet of Fire_, I thought Rowling was going to 
kill off Sirius Black in order to keep the formula of Harry-at-home-in-hols.
She maintained it another way, fair do's.

I never gave Dumbledore that much consideration, because he's
too much the guy who's got it all sussed and must therefore be
around to get the Resistance against Voldemort started.

And why do all the good guys call Voldemort "Lord"?

"A major character will die", my split ends. A more obvious RedShirt
setup could not be imagined, once the plot components are in situ. 

I found the racist Quidditch World Cup almost more than I could bear 
(the nasty foreigners pretend not to speak English, or mangle her with
outrageous accents, they commit unremitting but unavailing fouls, they
blag seats, they have siren-harpy cheerleaders who bamboozle the opposition
and nobble the ref. - albeit causing a problem for one of their own players).

And I've found out why I prefer DWJ to Rowling. Rowling is formulaic, and
Rowling is didactic but sloppy. You always know who's good/bad/a bit naughty
and how everyone feels and how that logic drives the story. Yet some of it is
so unconvincing it hurts! There's no depth, no introspection, no demand on the 
reader past solving the plot twists - and I've become far too accustomed to the
way Rowling plots. *sigh*.

The best I could hope was that Alastor Moody was a weak Dr Pawson or that 
tutor from _Tale of Time City_. ho hum. Not even that. 


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