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On 10 Jul Alexandra wrote
> How very true--and how oddly Howl-ish (though Howl is generally, in his
> pointedly absent-minded, slithering-outish sort of way, relatively kind
> and humane to all but young females foolish enough to fall for him).
> DWJ writes such appealing "charming bastard" characters.  (Would Navis fit
> in this category, for perhaps different reasons?  And occasionally
> Chrestomanci?)

Loki certainly counts as a slitherer-outer, but I don't think Howl has 
so much capacity for nastiness. Thats just as well, think what he 
might have got up to when he was heartless. I think I'd put the older 
Mitt in the charming bastard category too (learnt it from Navis?)l, 
insofar as he acquires a certain ruthlessness. However the purest 
example is the lad in TOG, Justin? who turns out to be very nasty 
indeed and meets an appropiate fate. 
On !0 Jul Jacob wrote
 think another person whose age is flexible is Astrid.  David 
remembers her
> introduction to the house and how she used to be nicer and more 
joyful, and
> he just didn't notice.  It *seems* that this could reasonably be 
three or
> four years in the past.  Frankly, her conversation puts her kind of 
> too.  Say she married Cousin Ronald young--likely as I'll get to 
> she could be as young as early twenties still.

I've tracked down an age reference, p14, Astrid "told everyone she 
was twenty five -- she had been telling everyone this, to David's 
certain knowledge, for six years now." so she is at least thirty one. 
But thats still not too old.......... I've never thought about David 
being much over twelve, his interests seem to fit in with someone 
that age, I'd say fourteen at the most.

 I've just found a reference to David's class "fighting 3B". If he was a 
third year too he would be fourteen, perhaps going on fifteen, which 
surprises me.

On the subject of age differences, my two pennorth is that the 
three longest running relationships among my close friends all 
involve couples where the gap is ten years or more (two straight, 
one gay). Statistically irrelevant of course........
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