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Re: Sherri S Tepper
  The best stuff she's ever written is the Jinian Trilogy.

  Is that the one that comes after the True Game series?

    Buy, beg or
  borrow the three books if you can.

  I've been looking for those books for YEARS.  Literally.  I read the True Game series by Tepper when I was about twelve, so that makes seven years I've been searching for those books.  It was only in the last year that I found the Mavin books. . . . 

  Before the Jinian Trilogy there
  were a few small gems (The Marrianne Trilogy 

  The Marianne books are ODD.

  Of her later
  stuff, I'd recommend Raising the Stones and Gate to Women's Country.
  The rest I'd skip.

  I rather liked The Family Tree. . . I found it more readable than some of her other stuff (I've been reading Gibbon's Decline and Fall or whatever it's called for ages).

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