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Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Jul 10 10:11:12 EDT 2000

On 10 Jul, Tarja Rainio wrote:
> on 9.7.2000 17:11, Britta Koch at bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de wrote:
> Such an insightful post, thanks Britta! I've also noticed that I sometimes
> fight against the way I'm expected to think when I read a novel, but then, I
> don't always notice when I'm manipulated to think through a certain point of
> view when reading a book or watching a film or a tv-program. I usually only
> take notice of the most blatant pov's that contradict with mine, I'm not
> really that analytic an observer or a reader.

Thank you! I'm not an analytic reader either, though I enjoyed the
seminar on Jane Austen and the questions we pondered. I find it has
something to do with being asked the right questions...

> Real people *are* more mixed, but in writing a novel (especially at Austen's
> time) it may have been more conventional to resort to types and
> counter-types. I think her genius was in creating several very real
> characters, good or bad, though the bad ones may sometimes have been more
> stereotypic/cardboardy than the good ones.

I was aware of that... it's in Belinda by Fanny Burney, too - just if
you have an "overdose of Austen", you get the impression that there are
too many stupid people ;)
> p.s. As an active frequenter of the Republic of Pemberley -web site
> (www.pemberley.com) I just had to defend her =).

I'll have to check that URL out... and I do like Austen very much, else
I wouldn't have taken that seminar - it's outside my curriculum!

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