Sheri S Tepper - and questions of innate worth

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Mon Jul 10 12:09:19 EDT 2000

> And what's that other one on the odd planet where a very
> fundamentalist society of human colonists lives with harsh
> local flora/fauna population controls?  Drat my vague memory!

Do you mean Shadow's End?

Yes! Thank you  :)

She does, however, specifically depict a
complexity of moral decision fairly often. Absolute principles don't fair
too well in her fiction.

Good point - it's been ages since I read the Awakeners, but your comment
reminds me of the disastrous zealot girl who interferes with the mating of
another species and so on. I found her entire trajectory to be horrifying.

And then I suddenly realized, "Wait! It's just written that way!" :D
And now quite often when Sheeyun and I are puzzled by some logical or
emotional curiosity in a movie and ask "why did...", the other one says,
"Because it's written that way".

Heh, I usually have this experience when the heretofore strong and able
female character collapses into hysterics at the crucial moment and has to
be saved. Oh how hateful!

I'm with you, except that a belief that other natural object and creatures
are sentient or ensouled always seemed to me pretty natural, and (at least
by definitions of sentience or soul which occur to me) irrefutable. 

Yes, I like it a lot myself, but it surprised when I came across it in books
because I was unaware that anyone else ever felt that way - my experience in
late 20th u.s.a. hadn't led me to think anyone did.

Congratulations on escaping law school!

Ha - Thanks!


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