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Ven said:
Back to my favourite off topic topic. my last mail on this subject 
trailed off rather.. As an addendum to the subject of primitive 
valuables (and Mary Ann, I'd like to see your list of strange money) 

I meant to comment after Mary Ann's post which touched on gift-giving.
There's a book I read some years ago called The Erotic Life of Property
("erotic" in the sense of drawing things together and creating closeness,
btw) by Lewis Hyde (not coincidentally a prof at my alma mater).  It was all
about the meanings of gift-giving and how it plays out in juxtaposition to
commerce, with some interesting ideas about how it is for artists to come up
against the differences between those two.  I think it is in print and it
was quite interesting.

Actually, after that the same author wrote a book about the Trickster
archetype (which I have not yet read) - but it might be very interesting in
context of Loki discussions. 

'"Wooden Money?"  Oh the tones of incredulous contempt.'

lol! Perrrr-fect!

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