Neil Ward neilward at
Mon Jul 10 08:19:53 EDT 2000

<<I think there's a full bibliography in Chrestomanci Castle
And I think Dogsbody is very good.

Thanks Jennifer. Of course, I've seen bibliographies and even read some
background blurb on some of the books, but it's great to get pointers from
DWJ fans.  

I feel like a novice driver at the moment; like I need a firm hand hovering
near the steering wheel, but pretty soon I'll be putting my foot down and
motoring down the lanes of DWJ country, with the wind in my hair...

I now realise that most of the DWJ books are being reprinted this year in
the UK, so that makes my search a little easier! 


PS - Just finished the latest Harry Potter book, and once that's settled
into my brain a bit, I'll start reading DWJ's Fire & Hemlock.  

PPS - I ordered Mixed Magics from a local Waterstones, but they seem to be
having some difficulty getting hold of it - has anyone else found it hard to

Neil Ward

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