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Ven wrote:

I find myself making excuses [for Loki], "the earlier myths are more
authentic", "Who liked boring
Baldur anyway" (forgive the childish note, I really fell for Loki when I
was around 8) "he was only speaking his mind, no need for that
nasty lip-sewing." etc. Actually  he's the template of the kind of
man one ought to know better than to fall for -- the bastard formerly
known as the cad.:-)

How very true--and how oddly Howl-ish (though Howl is generally, in his
pointedly absent-minded, slithering-outish sort of way, relatively kind
and humane to all but young females foolish enough to fall for him).
DWJ writes such appealing "charming bastard" characters.  (Would Navis fit
in this category, for perhaps different reasons?  And occasionally


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