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Sun Jul 9 21:01:07 EDT 2000

Back to my favourite off topic topic. my last mail on this subject 
trailed off rather.. As an addendum to the subject of primitive 
valuables (and Mary Ann, I'd like to see your list of strange money) 
heres something i did to my role playing group. To cut a very long 
story short (don't worry I know how tedious blow by blow rpg 
accounts are) a bunch of medieval italians were excavating a very 
old flying castle that had crashed into a swamp. The original 
inhabitants had been traders, eventually the players turned up what 
looked like,  indeed was a treasure chest. Nicolina, the avaricious 
Venetian wharf rat, was first in, snatching up a marvellously 
preserved cloth bag she tipped it out to reveal .................. 
"Wooden Money?"  Oh the tones of incredulous contempt.  
"Wooden. Money." Thats the kind of thing I role play for. In that 
particular chest, stuffed with oddities they found the sea shells, the 
feather necklaces and, actually rather valuable, the box of stone 
willies. Later on I let them have the pearls and the amber and the
gold bars and so on,  I'm not that cruel.

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