A new member/Can you recommend a DWJ book?

Neil Ward neilward at dircon.co.uk
Sat Jul 8 11:44:27 EDT 2000

Mary Ann wrote:

>Jones has written quite a variety of novels, so it's a bit hard to recommend
>more to you as first reading without knowing more about you. What do you
>like best about the Harry Potter books?

***I love the imagination, the nostalgia of childhood, the twisted plotting
and the humour.  But, I have to say that DWJ's "Witch Week" made me laugh
out loud on the train, whereas Harry Potter has never made me do that.

>Just from knowing that you like the Harry Potter books, I'd say that Fire
>and Hemlock is a good next bet for you-- it contains excellent advice on
>heroism. :D (How fortuitous that you have a copy.) If you like science
>fiction, you might try A Tale of Time City. If you enjoyed strategy or
>role-playing games, I'd recommend The Homeward Bounders, though it can be
>quite difficult to get hold of.

***I realise her work is diverse.  Fire and Hemlock looks good from the
blurb.  I can't wait!  I'm into hard sci-fi and 1950s-style
rocket-to-the-moon and time-travel sci-fi, but not RPG or Dungeons and
Dragons, as such.  I'm quite new to fantasy literature, but I've always been
keen on children's books.  I love the Narnia series, for example.
Basically, I like anything that has good characterisation, imaginative names
and surprises at every turn, but which remains somewhat grounded in

>Have you visited your local public library yet in search of Jones novels?
>That *can* be the easiest place to find some. (Library book sales are handy
>acquisition sites, too.)

***That crossed my mind, but I feel I want to *own* DWJ's books, not borrow
them.  I only borrow authors I'm trying cold, and I'm very warm to Diana's
work already!  I'll take a look though, if I can't get them any other way.

Thanks for the tips...


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