[A new member/Can you recommend a DWJ book?]

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Sat Jul 8 02:41:46 EDT 2000


Neil Ward <neilward at dircon.co.uk> wrote:
>I admit to being very new to her books, having only read the four
>Chrestomanci books
Welcome!  The Chrestomanci books are excellent (actually, that's how a LOT of
the list members got started on DWJ) but I think you'll be exceedingly happy
with her other stuff as well.

>I also admit that I came to DWJ via Harry Potter. 
Augh!  No, I like the books, but I think they pale in comparison to DWJ.  I am
watching the news right now and they have a Harry Potter clock countdown to
midnight and footage of people waiting outside Powell's in their pyjamas. 
We're down to the 20 minute mark.  Too much.  But I have to give the thumbs up
for getting kids excited about reading.
>After that, my enthusiasm for Chrestomanci was almost as great as that >for
Harry Potter (not quite, but almost there).
Shame on you! :)  Let us know when you change your mind...!

Definitely grab anything of hers you can get your hands on.  HOWL'S MOVING
CASTLE is wonderful.  My other favorites of hers are FIRE AND HEMLOCK, DEEP
SECRET, and HEXWOOD.  And ARCHER'S GOON.  I'll stop now...


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