A new member/Can you recommend a DWJ book?

Neil Ward neilward at dircon.co.uk
Sat Jul 8 01:24:39 EDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm glad I've managed to locate a list for Diana Wynne-Jones!  I admit to
being very new to her books, having only read the four Chrestomanci books,
which were recently reprinted in the UK with those hideous covers with the
holes in the front.

I also admit that I came to DWJ via Harry Potter.  I was so fired up by
Rowling's books that I started searching for other children's fantasy
literature in the same vein.  I read "The Magicians of Caprona", then "Witch
Week", "The Lives of Christopher Chant" and "Charmed Life".  After that, my
enthusiasm for Chrestomanci was almost as great as that for Harry Potter
(not quite, but almost there).

I'm now seeking advice on what to read next, and whether it's in print!
"Howl's Moving Castle" was mentioned in the Harry Potter Yahoo club I'm
involved in, but anything else?  Help!!! 


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