Finding books (was: RE: Sheri S Tepper)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Jul 7 12:02:33 EDT 2000

> Aargh! I hadn't known who'd written The True Game or Jinian books (and
>wouldn't have thought it was Tepper, as I don't like many of her more recent
>books except Gate to Women's Country) so as soon as I saw these emails I
>raced off to abebooks and bibliofind to try and get them- and they have
>them, but either a) too expensive, b) in America and only accept US cheques
>or c) (abebooks) in America, accept credit cards but I got a message saying
>the server was no longer secure. Help! Are there any UK-based secondhand
>book finders?

Can't think of any specifically UK-bases services, but you might try the zShops or auctions.  Also, on ABE you can set the fields to
search only book shops in the UK, which is handy.  If you find nothing, you
can leave a want which specifies this.

That no-longer-secure message from ABE is probably because your version of
Netscape or Internet Explorer (or whatever) is in need of updating.  This
happened to me (also on ABE, I think), and I downloaded a newer version of
IE and now it's fine.

>I blame all of you for this frustration- I could easily have carried on
>happily ignorant of these but now I have to have them. I thought I was just
>going to join a list about one author but my mind is being expanded, it's
>not fair I tell you.

I know the feeling!


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