Radical Age Differences

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Thu Jul 6 23:34:49 EDT 2000

Philip Belben replying to [someone]:
+ > Hmm. As a woman married to a man eleven and a half years my junior, I
+ > think I'm entitled to comment :-)
+ Gosh!  I have often wondered why it is more unusual that way round 

Me too. After all, it is an often-cited factoid that men tend to experience
their sexual prime in late teens, while women experience theirs around thirty. 
Women reach cognitive milestones earlier, so I can see that in school girls 
might want to date older, more sophisticated guys, but the chaps do catch
up. I suppose one ought to draw up a chart of optimal dating ages, with big
red zones for men in their thirties - DANGER ZONE - here you might feel a
desire for a sportier car, a trophy chick, and some physical fix-ups. After
a certain point, the reproductive fitness of women declines (more chromosomal
abnormalities in the eggs &c), although that point is moving toward the fifties.
Men seem to be able to produce perfectly utile sperm in their nineties and I
can't believe that the most hormone-treated fertility-drug-laden woman who 
froze embryos for later use in her twenties could reproduce then. (The Undying
are not under consideration in this matter)

Datum: my male sweetie is 8 or so years younger than me, which is very obvious,
and I *think* the woman I love is older than me. I am 30ish, and not very good 
at telling ages. I know the woman's birth*day*, but never got round to asking 
the year. As long as they're legally adult, who cares really?

I think Astrid might have had Luke entirely outside amorous consideration
because he's apparently a child. When he is revealed to be legally adult,
she relaxes into flirting, but Luke is still pretty "young". Mind you, 
were he old, he'd be well past the prankster phase and be a vicious type
with scarred lips. 

+ I disagree about Luke "maturing".  I think Luke's own remark, "I never _seem_
+ old", 

I think that's necessitated by the corpus of Norse myth. Loki became very 
bitter as the cycles progressed. We need to have an "early", a young, Luke.
Of course he blends with people around him to an extent, although Mr Wedding's
fellow godhood means that Luke can't fuzz boundaries with him.

I'm not sure that Luke and Astrid are gearing up for an intimate relationship.
Flattery and flirting, lightess and lies are just as much Loki as actual sex.
Astrid doesn't even have nickable hair.


"as his sewn lips held back his blackening self"
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