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Thu Jul 6 15:00:06 EDT 2000

>Dear all
>Just wanted to recommend Singer From the Sea by Sherri Tepper. 
>Firsrt book of hers I have read and it was good.
>I must admit to be counting down the days to the new Harry Potter - 
>I am going to have to get to the post before the children or there 
>are going to be tussles in the hallway and my twelve year old is 
>bigger than me!

The best stuff she's ever written is the Jinian Trilogy.  Buy, beg or
borrow the three books if you can.  Before the Jinian Trilogy there
were a few small gems (The Marrianne Trilogy and a bit of the Mavin
Tirlogy) but afterward she really started on an anti-man/anti-overpopulation
kick (you can see a little in Jinian, more in Mavin). Of her later
stuff, I'd recommend Raising the Stones and Gate to Women's Country.
The rest I'd skip.

And when I mean best, I really mean best. She makes up a fable, spins
it out and tells a story at several levels where the fable takes on
a life of its own.  The middle book (footseer) stumbles (I guess pun
is very appropriate here) a bit but the first and third books shine.

-- Erica
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