House of Lords (censorship)

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jul 5 01:58:09 EDT 2000

Philip Belben: 

+ and I once had a letter published in a newspaper arguing for preserving the 
+ hereditary seats in the House of Lords, mainly because they reduce the 
+ proportion of politicians in Parliament...

yeah, but nowadays we should ditch the first three estates and have seats in
the Lords allocated as part of the National Lottery draw. Maree in _Deep Secret_
is right in claiming that the no-civics or Machiavelli approach is no way to 
raise people to run an Empire, but vested interests aren't very nice either. 

I don't play the Lottery. There should be a counterbalance to the elected lot,
and I'm not sure that King Charles refusing to sign Papers permitting GM 
foods to be subsidised would work... the monarch's discretion is there in law,
but is rather out of fashion.

+ Facts and Truth are not the same thing.  I believe that much misapplication of

"Unbounded truth is not"... (_Cart and Cwidder_, and that "Dalemark" short)

I love the bit in Philip Pullman's Victorian novels, where the evil mechanist
exploiter of the poor cites Blake (*way* out of context) in justification of
his actions. Almost as funny as Christians singing what's usually called
_Jerusalem_ in church. Leave aside for one moment that that song ("And did
those feet in ancient times...") appears in the Blake epic _Milton_ and not
in his poem _Jerusalem_, and read what Blake has to say about religion. The
man who said "I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another man's"
has been incorporated into systems since - with hilarious consequences.  

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