Muggles for Harry Potter

Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Jul 4 22:25:21 EDT 2000

Tony Fox asked why I was so annoyed to see the creationists given a platform
in _New Scientist_, rather than just smugly pitying the poor fools as they
drew derision.

Jennifer's reply is pretty much it: _New Scientist_ is a science journal, and
should publish material derived from the scientific method. I wouldn't expect
it to publish anything illogical or presenting a worse model than the current
ones - my personal, flawed arguments do not belong there! The creationists, I
was arguing, have no platform - no "right" in your nomenclature - either.

I did not say, Tony, that the creationists are wrong, but that their scientific
models are far from being demonstrably superior to those of the Darwinists. I
am aware of flaws in Darwin's arguments, but I think his model is more complete.

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