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[  Sorry about all the sudden Tanaqui script, people: term has ended.
   Maybe I should change the header from Censorship to Censor:non-DWJ  ] 

+ but I see *some* censorship as OK. For example, I would not put
+ sexist/racist material into a children's library. 

<blink> That's censorship? 
I would call that selection! For me, censorship is deliberate selection of
material *to withold*. Selecting a children's library (I would hope) would
proceed on prescriptive selections for the benefit of the kids <cue endless
debate> rather than proscriptive selections to protect the poor little things.

Kids haven't built their conceptual sets. They incorporate the most incredible
inconsistencies, and certainly the person on-list who mentioned that she hadn't
realised some DWJ books were by DWJ isn't the only one. One of my selection 
criteria as a kid was for books in Linotype Juliana - it was the Font of All
Magic to me. I shouldn't imagine that sexist/racist material will form the 
bedrock of a prejudiced adult, but that doesn't mean I'm going to read The
Protocols of the Elders of Zion to the kids at night, or buy the damn stuff.

Jennifer, since you claim as the one "vital thing" that the criteria are open
and arguable, I can't label it "censorship".

+ I find it difficult to say exactly what I think is unacceptable, every rule
+ I can think of has exceptions, 


On censorship of violence and promotion of consensual sex - I rather enjoy 
the bits of Buffy (Evil Xander flicking lit matches past Evil Willow at the
victim) which are censored at 18.00. They tend to be integral to the rather
intelligent progression of an admittedly violent (glorifying "good" violence,
too) programme. The victim's attempt to convince Buffy that ke was a victim 
later didn't make much sense when the victimisation which caused the scars ke
displayed had been deleted. I'd just rather our TV channels didn't indulge in 
truly stupid editing (Data's ejaculation in _Generations_, or the bit in a 
Babylon Five episode where one guy in a fight is described as having no 
follow-through, but the other guy's riposte was censored and so the comment 
makes no sense).

Oh, dear, this belongs on a Melon-Farmers site rather than here, really.

The American system does seem a bit mad: the rules from the supreme court say
that you can't lead prayer before a basketball game (people feel excluded, it's
irrelevant - erm, and the cheerleaders make sense?) but you can tell people 
that evolution is a mad-scientist deal and that one particular religious
viewpoint (of many Creation myths) is Right?

*Don't* get me started on abortion. White Rose clinics. Domino's Pizza.

+ Have I just contradicted myself saying people should think for themselves
+ and yet some things should be censored? 

Nope - it's only what you think! <cue meta-stack of "And you"s>

+ A melatonically-challenged person of gender XX.

You don't sleep easily? Melanin and melatonin... ah.

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