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Mon Jul 3 21:31:51 EDT 2000

  Anyone else have a period of time, or a geographical location, they
> really dislike?

Not exactly, but one type of books I can't stand is time travel romances.
I'll admit to not having read that many, but the ones I have have annoyed
the heck out of me.  There seem to be several kinds (I've got sort of a
running "Tough Guide" to all the books I read these days): the worst are the
ones where people go back in time, fall in love, then come back to this time
and at the very end of the book meet some kind of descendant or something of
the person that they fell in love with.  It's horribly frustrating!  After
the whole book spent getting two people together, they don't even end up
together!  Instead, one starts over with the other's grandchild.  Oh, I have
issues with that type of book.  That's why I avoid them.  The other thing,
not time but place, is Scotland.  And Ireland to some extent, too.  I've
never been to either, but they both seem to be trendy in the US.  It's like
we have some sort of rootlessness and we make up for it by going on and on
about the magical, mystical Emerald Island and the brawny, brave Scotsmen.
This also applies mainly to the romances I've read (I go through cycles, and
just went through a romance one, so that's how I know, and I'm quite happy
to be back in sf/fantasy) but also to the newest Jane Yolen books. . . .

    Lizzie who just rambled quite a bit off topic and is blaming it on the
sunburn. . . .

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