Books to read while waiting for YoG (was: Re: Re Brust, censorship and Millie)

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Mon Jul 3 21:24:45 EDT 2000

You guys should try two places online: first ebay, where I have found
Archer's Goon, several Simon Hawke (time travel sf--not bad at all but not
highly technical so if you like that which I don't then don't bother) and
some old obscure books (yeah the Gemma series!).  The other place is, which is a consortium-type site of lots of bookstores; they have
old books and they're pretty inexpensive, too.

And because I keep forgetting:

Congratulations to all the new parents and babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzie who is feeling superlative. . . . . .

> >I find the easiest thing to do with Heyer is to look in charity shops and
> >the sort of stall in markets that specialises in Mills and Boon,
> >etc. I can often get them (or my daughter can - I have pretty much the
> >now) for under a quid.
> Well, as you note elsewhere, we don't have the same kind of shops you do.
> :)  The thrift stores depends on which ones you go to; it seems
> that the ones that have a poor selection of books always have a poor
> selection.  And I'm really not kidding about the no bookstores thing.  I'm
> used to living fairly close to at least *one* bookstore, even if it's not
> great.  (Also, the used book phenomenon has really taken off in the West
> lately, and prices can be fairly high even for old battered books.  Too
> I wasn't more wealthy ten years ago when you could still get a bag of
> in good shape for $10.)
> > I also am waiting for a few books on hold, but I don't think they'll get
> >here on time.  Ditto _Spindle's End_, which I had to order from Amazon
> >because our Barnes & Noble didn't have it  in stock (!!!).
> It turned out that Amazon gave me a complimentary shipping upgrade for no
> reason and the books were on my doorstep when I got back from the
> >My list from Amazon is just out of control.....
> My relatives cleaned mine out at the beginning of the year.  I can't seem
> think of any new titles to add to it--again, lots of things I want aren't
> print yet....
> Melissa Proffitt
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