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Re: the author DWJ parodies in "Believing is Seeing": I wrote
>Is it Ursula LeGuin, or am I way off track here?  I always meant to read
>some LeGuin, because a contemporary author from Spain whom I like very
>mcuh cites LeGuin as one of her influences, but I have to confess that
>I've never read anything by her.

Jennifer wrote:
>Who's the Spanish author?

Rosa Montero.  She's a well-known journalist as well as a fiction writer,
and one of the biggest names in contemporary Spanish fiction.  _Temblor_,
a book I had to read for a Spanish class on women writers, is very fantasy
in some ways.  In fact, one of the articles I read on the book compares it
to _The Neverending Story_ in that in both books a fog begins to eat away
at the world, which in Montero's book is a futuristic matriarchal society 
(which, as she portrays it, has its own problems).
Interesting book. I don't know if it is avaiable in translation, although
most of her books are.  It's worth a read.  Thanks for the LeGuin
recommendation, Jennifer; I'll give it a try! 

I was roaming through the sci-fi section on Saturday and two books caught
my eye:  _The Last Unicorn_ and _A Fine and Private Place_, both ny Peter
Beagle.  Any thoughts on these books?  Are they worth a read?  They looked
good.  Also, does anyone know if/when _Mixed Magics_ will come out in the
US? I really don't want to pay shipping from Briain, but I may have to.  

And i wholeheartely agree with the person who said they were curious about
what happened to the main charcaters in _The Changeover_.  What a great
book. I always wondered if things really did work out between Laura and
Sorry.  They had such a interesting and complex relationship. Although
sometimes when authors revisit characters, their vision of what happens to
their characters does not match the future I envisioned for them (Perfect
example; _Falcon at the Portal_ and _He Shall Thunder in the Sky_ by
Elizabeth Peters, but that's another story)  Sometimes it's better
to have things left to your imagination, I suppose.  

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