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Mary Ann Dimand wrote
> Philip wrote:
> > Astrid is a character worthy of closer examination, I think.
> > (Whatever did she see in Ronald Price?  Or he in her?  They
> > are a very ill-suited couple, I think)
> I'm always unnerved by that bit at the end where Astrid wistfully says
> something like, "But is it worthwhile to have been supremely happy, if only
> for a while?" And she looks like Brunhilde. How on earth could this be about
> Ronald? But I don't think there's any indication whom else it might be
> about, unless she fell for Thor with great speed....

About the third time I read it I had the answer. The clue is in the 
title -- its Luke! From the time David releases him (Sunday 
afternoon) to the recovery of the hammer (the following Sunday 
evening) is seven days and a bit, leaving most of one day 
unaccounted for --  which I believe he intends to spend with Astrid. 
She knows her Norse mythology well enough to have doubts about 
the consequences of sleeping with a God, especially one as 
amoral and charming as Luke, which is why she's wondering if the 
happiness will be worth it. And she knows he won't stay for long. 
Luke's response to David's enquiry about Astrid's question (deep 
breath!)  is the apparently inconsequential "Tell you on Monday I 
have to go to sleep now. It's urgent."  which makes sense if you 
assume he's recovering his strength for the night ahead.............  

Would it be worth it?  that's the question.

I suspect this will be a useful footnote to my previous post about 
Astrid, which assumed this.

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