Marcia McGinley & Greg Ingram McGinley at OnAustralia.com.au
Sun Jul 2 07:17:36 EDT 2000

>Have you tried Claudia Edwards (only 4 books ever written),
>PC Hodgell (3), Barry Hughart (3) or Robert Wilfred Franson (just 1 book,

For anyone out there wanting to try PC Hodgell (who is really marvellous)
the new Meisha Merlin omnibus edition of P.C.Hodgell's first two books God
Stalk and Dark of the Moon - they've called it Dark of the Gods - was
published in June. The cover art isn't bad - Jame and the frog god - when I
saw it I had to go and read that bit again.  I'd forgotten how funny it was.

Now we need Meisha Merlin to republish Claudia Edwards and THEN to publish
the rest of The Bastard Princess series!

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