Book IDs (a longish delurk)

PREISIG Kylie kp027 at
Mon Jan 31 20:31:50 EST 2000

> BUT the series probably still won't match.  I don't know if they're in
> overseas reprints, or if the covers are all the same lurid 
> ones that we get
> here, but I have almost never seen a case where the paperback 
> edition of a
> hardcover novel had a different cover (unless it was a 
> reprint).  And the
> new one looks totally different from the rest.  But at least 
> it will all be
> the same size....

Noooo!!!!  I just _hate_ it when they change the cover style in the middle
of a series.  Or even worse, when the change publisher.  Then there's no
guarantee the books will even be the same size!

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