The Worlds of Chrestomanci AKA Mixed Magics

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at
Mon Jan 31 20:26:17 EST 2000

I have some news--I finally got around to writing a letter to DWJ in December
and I asked her for some details on the Worlds of Chrestomanci book.  She
wrote back and replied that WoC was the provisional title; the book will be
called Mixed Magics, and that it is a collection of short stories.  However,
only one will be new.  (That's still something!)  Out in May 2000.  SIGH. 
Everything is coming out in May!  I suppose I should start stashing money
aways now...hope the outward appearance of the books (ie: COVERS) are equal to
the high quality of writing inside--one can always hope, right?

Just out of curiosity, who else on this list has written to DWJ?  I was
surprised--it only took her a month to write back.  


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