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Mon Jan 31 19:30:49 EST 2000

> I'm in the happy situation in life where I can afford to buy things.
> Particularly when I'm sure I'll like it (as is the case with 
> a number of
> authors; Laurell K. Hamilton, Steven Brust, Lois McMaster 
> Bujold, you get
> the picture).  I'm a particular fan of the internet and the 
> ability to order
> stuff from Amazon UK and Amazon DE.  I no longer have to wait or pay
> extortionate prices for overseas books if I know I'll like 
> them.  It makes
> me less dependent on the whims of library purchase policies.

I'm waiting for it to come into the library for a number of reasons.
Generally, I always like to read a book befor I buy.  Even favourite authors
occasionally write duds, and I prefer just to check before I spend the
money.  Of course, if it's DWJ I'll buy if before reading it, in hardback.

Also I don't like buying hardbacks partway through a series.  And especially
not with the Anita Blake series, where _Obsidian Butterfly_ is the first
that has actually come out in hardback.  I'll buy it when it comes out in
paperback so that it matches all the rest.  Even with series that first came
out in hardback, by the time I have discovered I like them enough to want to
pay that kind of money to read them right away, the first book in the series
will have been out for a while and won't be available in hardback.  And I
really do like my series to match!

I'm sometimes temped to buy from the internet bookstores, but postage is so
expensive to Australia that I usually wait until the book is available in
the bookshops here.

So libraries are usually a good compromise for me.  I might not get to read
the book as soon as I want to, but the wait is usually not too bad.  Though
I have been waiting for _Cryptonomicon_ for about three months now.  And I
will buy the book eventually, it it is any good.

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