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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Mon Jan 31 18:46:17 EST 2000

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 08:27:22 +1000 , PREISIG Kylie wrote:

>> Bujold.  In fact, I just finished Hamilton's Obsidian 
>> Butterfly (hardback,
>> ick) and found it excellent as usual.  
>Ooooo!!  *Casts jealous looks across the Pacific Ocean.*
>I really hope the library gets this in soon!  At least they have it on

I'm in the happy situation in life where I can afford to buy things.
Particularly when I'm sure I'll like it (as is the case with a number of
authors; Laurell K. Hamilton, Steven Brust, Lois McMaster Bujold, you get
the picture).  I'm a particular fan of the internet and the ability to order
stuff from Amazon UK and Amazon DE.  I no longer have to wait or pay
extortionate prices for overseas books if I know I'll like them.  It makes
me less dependent on the whims of library purchase policies.

Though I'm half ready to toss the whole corporate culture on its collective
ear today and just quit.  It's been a very trying day . . .  Maybe I'll prop
my copy of Obsidian Butterfly on my desk to remind me why I'm doing all this
. . .  Well, next to the picture of my unfond-of-starving wife and children.

Jacob Proffitt
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