Pronouns and Rider Haggard

Philip.Belben at Philip.Belben at
Mon Jan 31 11:56:03 EST 2000

> "Wait 'til they call you She Who Must be Obeyed (may she live
> forever)", wrote Elise.
> lol!
> As a side remark, I must say, I really did like Rider Haggard (except for
> the painful style).  But oh, it did set my teeth on edge to hear people
> say things like We are waiting for She Who Must Be Obeyed. Reminds me of

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I agree 200%!

I was amazed that She who Raised the Islands avoided this (or didn't she?  Is my
selective filtering blinding me to mistakes in DWJ that I notice in other

> Ursula K. LeGuin's splendid essay, "From Fantasyland to Poughkeepsie",
> where she mercilessly satirizes exactly this kind of grammatical

Yes!  I loved that too.  I think I have a copy somewhere - if not, I can guess
whom I lent it to.  (Yes, that construction was carefully thought out.  If you
don't like it, ask, and I will explain why I use it.)


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