Book IDs (a longish delurk)

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Mon Jan 31 10:28:46 EST 2000

	Abigail said:
	"OK, a plea for identification has finally dragged me out of the

	Hiya Abigail!

	"My taste in books doesn't seem to tally too well with most of

	I love Barry Hughart and I like Paula Volsky because she is always
up to something interesting.  All in all, I think my favorite Hughart is
Story of the Stone, although really it's hard to choose.  I can't claim
familiarity with many of the others you mention - so I will add them to my
Exploration list.

	"Like Philip, I've never done any
> literary criticism, and I'm rather disconcerted that nearly all the rest
> of
> you have studied it."
	Not at all - when it came time for me to choose a major I realized I
would always be shirking and skimping on other classes in order to read.
Having to "work" at reading all the time, thinking about the reading,
writing  and talking about the reading for my degree was almost too good to
be true.  I wager the other folks with the lit crit backgrounds had not
dissimilar experiences.

	"I can talk at great length about the British school system but am
politely restraining myself. :)"

	Where do O levels fit in to the picture?

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