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Fri Jan 28 01:26:27 EST 2000

Alice wrote:
"Fortunately, on the second night,
Alexandra, who was sitting back in the 3rd row but knew I was going to do
this, helped me out by calling out "Romeo!", for which the people sitting
nearby stared at her as if she were mad."

I feel compelled to add that right after I called this out, a dignified 
lady sitting right in front of me turned around and told me, with a
pitying sort of smile, "She knew that, you know."  I must confess I had no
reply to that.

(who muses how very odd it is to find oneself spoken of in the third
person.  Oddly pleasant, too--as if getting more than the first/second
person somehow confirms one's existence, or something.  I am "she" rather
than "I" or "you" to somebody, therefore I am. :)

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