"Game of Thrones" and "Clash of Kings" - with spoilers

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Thu Jan 27 11:12:21 EST 2000

	Britta said:

	"...I'm just reading "Clash of Kings", the sequel to "A Game of
Thrones" by George R. R. Martin."

	Yes, I've read those too.  What a pain it is to have to wait for the
next one!

	"...even though I get annoyed when my favorite characters aren't in
> the next chapter!"
	I know - just when I really want to know what will happen with one
character, he flips to another, far away.  Then I'm convinced that I want to
know about this character and he goes on to another!  By the time he gets
back to the first, I don't think I care about them anymore, only to be
convinced all over again that theirs is the most interesting thread of the
story - argh!  But actually, I like it.

> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> S
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> Y
> O
> U
> !
> !
> !
	"And even though I despised Sansa Stark, in "Clash of Kings" she
> is a little more courageous and less soppy."
	I feel really sorry for her because I don't expect her to survive at
all and the most I can hope for is that she takes someone out with her when
she goes (like that obnoxious boy king or his poisonous mother).  Secretly I
hope the author lets her survive, but on the surface I am preparing myself
for her demise.  I haven't read Clash since it came out so I'm starting to
forget some names - hope it isn't annoying.

	"I do hope Arya will be OK (she's at harrenhal right now) - I love

	Yes, she's great - wasn't it horrible when she came upon her dad
being executed?  And her tutor covering her escape?

	"And Daenerys is very cool 
> - even though she is still so young (I was sooo sorry for her when
> Drogo died)."
	I'm interested in how she will affect things back home.  What'
really making me wonder is this business with the Ice.  Nobody in the south
is paying any attention to it, but it's going to make the whole civil war
pointless, don't you think?

	And I'm dying to know what the real story is with that bastard son
who is on the Watch now.  I bet he isn't really who he thinks he is -
because his father was so very evasive and close-mouthed about it.  And,
should I say this speculation?  I think he will end up with Daenarys ruling
everything and riding dragons.  Only 4 more books til he achieves this ;).
I also have Arya as the main contender for the third dragon - what do you

> So, if anyone wants to discuss these books (or recomend other ones like
> them), I'd be glad to.
Off hand I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure I'll come up with
other recommendations eventually!

Oh wait.  You might like the books by Sean Russell.  One set of them is The
Initiate Brother and sequel - Gatherer of Clouds. For the other series I
can't remember all the titles, but one is World Without End.

Also there is a series, I forget the author offhand, called Chung Kuo - set
in the not-so-distant future and full of intrigue and many characters, like
Martin's Fire and Ice series.  Personally, I got a bit tired of it after the
second book, not sure why - and now there must be 5 or 6; however there was
a Lot to them and much of interest.  What I may do is wait until they are
all out and then go back and tackle the whole set.  The author has been at
it for years.


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