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Wed Jan 26 07:32:58 EST 2000

[insert happy attempt at griffin dance here]

I've read _Changeover_.

It came up on library reserve, by coincidence, the same day as _Dark
Lord of Derkholm_. It's thirty years old, and it's the only copy left
in the WA library system, and they don't want to lose it, so they keep
it in a box somewhere and never take it out unless somebody
specifically asks for it.

It wasn't at all what I was expecting.

I knew already that it wasn't fantasy of any sort, but somehow, with a
name like _Changeover_...
...and what it's actually like was something I don't think I'd have
expected in a million years. What it reminds me of, more than anything
else DWJ has written, is a novel or two by Evelyn Waugh. If it was a
movie (and why wasn't it? I'd like to know) it would be one of those
starring Peter Sellers, Peters Sellers, and possibly even Peter
Sellers. But not, I hasten to add, directed by Stanley Kubrick; DWJ
doesn't have that kind of cynicism - something for which I will
probably give thanks every time a new DWJ book comes out. Not that
_Changeover_ is bad (I'm glad I tracked down this copy), but English
literature already had people who write books like _Changeover_. It's
never had people who write books like DWJ.

I'm sorry. Did any of that make any sense at all? :)

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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