"On Writing as a Fantasist" by Dave Wolverton (LONG)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jan 25 08:03:22 EST 2000

Nat wrote:
>Many thanks to Melissa for posting. What a great essay! I don't agree with
>all of it, but the majority of it rings very true.

Heartily seconded!

>Every smart person I know reads murder mysteries, spy thrillers, children's
>books, fantasy or SF.

Or romance, I'm sure you meant to add, right?  :-)

Sarah Bird earned her place in my fav. author list mostly by being some
sort of "literary prozac" for me (a small step above mind candy?  I'm not
sure).  But also by dealing in _The Boyfriend School_ with the issue of the
embarrassment of reading (or writing as it turns out) romance novels.  A
wonderful example is a scene where the main character goes to check out
romances from the library and hides them under "worthy selections",
pretends they are for her niece... and just generally writhes with
humiliation at anyone seeing what she's checking out.

She also has some humouressly presented observations that romance, read and
written predominantly by women, seems to be the most denigrated of all the
genres.  I'm not sure about that, but I know that I read fantasy for years
with no apologies to anyone, but had never once, as an adult, admitted to
reading Heyer until this list.

>You know, this discussion group has given me more insights into the stuff I
>read than I've had in any group, classroom or otherwise.

Again, heartily seconded!

hallieod at indigo.ie

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