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Fri Jan 21 18:41:31 EST 2000

Britta wrote:

> But even though I think Galadriel or Arwen are nice names, I'm
> not sure that I would call my child that, because a) in Germany,
> you have to add a name
> that indicates the child's gender (how would Arwen Maria sound?),
> and b) people would never be able to spell / pronounce it [2].

My in-laws keep trying to talk me out of the some the names I would like to
use for future children by saying "Oh, they'll already have such a hard time
spelling their last name for everyone and correcting pronunciation" --  My
response is usually to ask them to spell a common name like, oh... Catherine
(which is my real first name).  There are so many variants of it that I
almost never run into anyone who spells it right and have had MANY people
mispronounce it (if you can believe that).  My husband's name is Michael and
people are constantly spelling that wrong (though for the most part he just
goes by Mitch, to really confuse the issue).

For the record, my husband and I are planning on giving our kids several
names just to give them options.  I never liked any of the nicknames for
Catherine and the middle name Marie didn't seem right either... which is one
of the reasons I wound up with Fenchurch, then shortened to Fen (and to
carry this back to topic, it's taken from a character in a book by Douglas

Fen Eatough

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