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Fri Jan 21 08:45:46 EST 2000

>But I haven't heard of Guardian Angels before.  What is it?  (And I can't see it
>in a cursory glance at Deborah's web page either)

Someone has probably already replied to this (must get off the digests soon) but:

_Guardian Angels_ is a collection of short stories by several winners of the Guardian award for children's fiction.  All the stories follow the theme of guardian angels to some extent.

The DWJ short story is "The Fat Wizard", which has not been in any other anthology (to my knowlege).  It's quite a good story, and is set in a world that is similar to Chrestomanci's.  It might even be the same world, but that is not gone into.  

I enjoyed most of the other stories in the book too.  "Barker" by Peter Dickinson was my favourite.  The book is a worthwhile read if you can get your hands on it at a reasonable price, or borrow it from a library.


PS Bodil - sorry I haven't replied yet - limited access to email at the moment.  I will soon!

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