Apologies for stupid e-address

Bodil Gram bodil at cutisan.dk
Fri Jan 21 07:38:54 EST 2000

Dear DWJ-list members,

I am so sorry for the silly things I have done with my mail program over
the last 24 hours.  Please accept my apologies !

I have two e-mail addresses, one at home and one at the university. To
avoid getting too much unsolicited spam mail, I have so far tried to keep
my private home address off the WWW.  The university people work really
hard to stop any spam, so I have used that address here on the DWJ list.

However, I am definitely not brainy enough to juggle two addresses, so
yesterday I sent the same letter twice, once from each address. How

I have also been informed by a couple of list members that the university
address is now so heavily protected against spam it is actually protected
against pretty much ANY mail, including the personal mail I want to receive.

Oh, I had better hurry and explain I was not worried about getting spam
from any of you nice people on the DWJ list, but most mailing lists place
the letters on the WWW, and then the addresses get "harvested" by automatic
programs roaming the WWW. The worst of the spam senders then sell their
harvest of addresses to less clever spammers.

Anyway, from now on I am going to use my home address on this list. If you
write to me now on this address (bodil at cutisan.dk), you can be sure I get
your letters.

Sorry for any inconvenience my spam paranoia may have caused anybody !!!!

Friendly greetings, as we say here,

     *   Mrs. Bodil Gram,  Denmark                       *
     *   www:  http://coco.ihi.ku.dk/~gram/privat.html   *
     *   e-mail:  bodil at cutisan.ku.dk                    *

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