Worlds of Chrestomanci & other new DWJ titles

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Thu Jan 20 18:21:04 EST 2000

	Paula wrote:
	"It just occurred to me that this is probably merely a retitling 
> of "The Lives of Christopher Chant." :-( "
	Mm, a few days ago folks were speculating that it was collected
Chrestomanci short stories and that sounds kind of likely to me.  Although,
maybe it will be all or part new stories.  Orrr maybe it will be a guide to
the multiverse!!  Like, the different series of worlds - wouldn't that be

	Ya know, I was just thinking about that story True State of Affairs
- I wish the narrator in that could call on Chrestomanci - ah well.


p.s. say Paula and Melissa, Riley's new one - Master of All Desires - was
great!  I was so glad to hear you had both read and liked her  :)

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