Worlds of Chrestomanci & other new DWJ titles

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Thu Jan 20 17:31:00 EST 2000

I must confess that I haven't been able to read my dwj mailbox for 
a while. It cheers me that it's there, though. I did a quick search 
and didn't find that you'd mentioned anything about The Worlds of 
Chrestomanci, due out this year some time at the amazon uk site. 
Anyone heard of it? Do you think it could be a whole new novel in 
the Chrestomanci series? 

I was checking the UK web site because I've decided to buy those 
Harry Potter books only from the UK (as they become available in 
soft cover - I don't have room to collect hardcovers) because of 
the weirdly random corrections of UK words to US words. Then I 
noticed the paperback version of Deep Secret still in my shopping 
cart over there (I wasn't in a hurry only because I'd already 
read it from the public library), and that DWJ's Puss in Boots 
is available there for the unlikely price of 0.8 pounds. And oh! 
They've got Dark Lord of Derkholm in paperback now, too! Published
January 2000, it says.

Another 'Not Yet Published' title is Mixed Magics. Hardcover only, 
alas. Have you heard of that one yet, anyone? I hope it's not 
just a collection of short stories. Those always seem to turn 
out to be mostly stories already seen elsewhere. 

Have any of the Britishisms in the DWJ books been 'translated' 
for the benefit of the US audience, as those Harry Potter books 
have been? I hope not, but if so, I want to know!

(I wonder if there's another favorite author who's easier to find 
in the UK than here....)

Paula Burch
pburch at or
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