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Name of the Rose Spoilers

Elise wrote:
" I volunteer to start memorizing Pride & Prejudice, Charmed Life and
Drowned Ammet."

<g>  And we shall light such a candle here in England, as by God's grace
shall never be put out.

"  Another unrelated comment - I really liked Name of the
Rose by Eco for the drama of threatened books."

Oh, yes, well put!  Amazing how much Eco managed to make one "feel"
for those books--make them as precious as a human character.  When the
library burned down, my heart went out to poor Brother William.  When my
family and I left Romania and managed to take only a fraction of our books
to Canada, leaving the rest behind or giving them away to our neighbours,
it was quite the wrench.

(And yes, my mother was a librarian--one might well say that the
book-madness runs in the family. :)


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