Beastly Manipulations--Was Beauty w/ spoilers

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Thu Jan 20 10:54:38 EST 2000

JOdel said:
	"What is more, While I do not know Ms. McKinley's present age, I
think we can all safely suppose that she was a good deal younger in 1978."

	<G>  O my banana seat, red, white & blue bicycle.  Ou est les banana
seats de hier?  (did I put the right article in? Never mind, just be glad I
only massacre french in print and you don't have to hear me  ;)

	Almost completely unrelated - someone said last week that the
earlier dwj's are recognizably set in the 70's and I meant to pop up and
agree with that. So many good things are said on this list by everyone, a
lot gets away from me.

	"(and most of the conventional proclaimations of traditional romance
are HIGHLY manipulative)"

	hear hear.  Another completely unrelated, almost, thing.  Last night
the Eurythmics were on A&E doing a live call-in concert (neat idea).  Anyway
they have a new song called something like "Feels like I'm 17 Again" and it
treats of youthful illusions from the perspective of an older person having
had all those illusions ripped away.  I liked it... and it's sorta relevant.

	"Civilization is doomed and we might just as well start burning the 
> libraries now..."
	"and save ourselves the hassle later. Or at least stow the book 
> in the locked case along with The Catcher in the Rye and Huckleberry
> Finn."
	I volunteer to start memorizing Pride & Prejudice, Charmed Life and
Drowned Ammet.  Another unrelated comment - I really liked Name of the Rose
by Eco for the drama of threatened books.

	Well, I haven't read this book or the other, so I'll stop now.

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