Tue Jan 18 17:19:36 EST 2000

Heh, interesting discussion. Just chiming in as someone who *is*
an avid gardener, but prefers _Beauty_ to _Rose Daughter_.
To me, the "plant propagation" metaphor only makes the story
feel creepier. Yes, you may create something worthwhile and
beautiful as the results of your efforts, from something that
was a mutilated fragment of a whole creature/plant/story,
but on another level, it's so manipulative and cruel.

Here you are slicing off a piece of a plant and forcing it into
a life and death struggle, threatening it in the hopes that it
will survive and flourish (some percentage is always doomed).
Well, all right, maybe plants don't feel pain, and neither do
stories (and I have tried propagating plants, too), but
if you apply the metaphor to the lives of the characters, it
seems different.

On a gut level, _Beauty_ feels to me like a wonderful tree
growing despite all odds in some naturally unfriendly place,
while _Rose Daughter_ is some carefully pruned, fertilized,
watered, etc. flower in a heated greenhouse.

Never mind, I'm insane. I may feel differently tomorrow.

Celeste Chang
cchang at
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