First names (real ones!)(long)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Tue Jan 18 15:07:19 EST 2000

	Nat said:
	"note that modern Greek pronunciation is different from Classical.
> (today pronounced like English Z), was pronounced as Zd, more or less. How
> do they know? THose ancient Greek tape recordings von daniken found... I
> don't know, but that's what my Greek prof told me..."
	from von daniken's forthcoming "Tape Recordings of the Gods"  ;)

	For no reason at all, just to share - my friends who have taken
latin have said that they were told "v" was actually pronounced "w."   I
just can't get past the idea of Julius Caesar saying "Weni Widi Wici."
It's really hard to imagine those super tough legions all talking like the
priest in The Princess Bride.  Hard to imagine, but worthwhile for the
giggle factor.  Also weird to imagine that he was actually Yulius Kaysar,
although Kaysar does sound more splendid and barbaric to me - probably it's
some sort of linguistic ethnocentricity on my part.


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