Beauty -- And Character Names Tacked on at the end

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Tue Jan 18 14:57:59 EST 2000

	Hallie said:
	"I haven't answered all the points you've made, and have also
strayed quite
> a ways from where I started.  But this was an exploration of where the
> three (or four?  Elise?) of us diverged while having so many tastes in
> common, so maybe it's all right to leave it only partly addressed for the
> moment."
	Heya, I've been afk a few days - I had 120 new emails when I
returned - aiiee!  Still, contemplating all the new email is what motivated
me to get out of bed this cold morning, once again underlining the lesson
that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds ;)

	As to Beauty - very interesting discussion.  I don't know a thing
about it as I haven't read it!  It was The Blue Sword I was citing.  

	And sure, The Blue Sword is a hugely gratifying book - the heroine
has all sorts of good things come her way - but I also liked the setting of
colonialists with their "modern/scientific/enlightened" ways and traditional
people/knowledge/ways.  That seems to me to be a rich vein, a motherlode,
for storytelling ideas - and I don't just mean Damar and Home.  

	But since you twist my arm, Narknon the cat Rules!  I'd like to have
a fighting cat like that, wouldn't you?  Also lots of other little touches
and the whole fun adventure of it.


	Sally, what about Farrigan or Darrigan?  When I was playing a MUD I
always meant to create a character with one name or the other as first or
last, but now I've stopped and don't have anywhere to use them. It could
even be Darrigan Farrigan, or vice versa - but I can only imagine someone
who could sell ice to the aleutians, with a name like that - or maybe the
subject of a limerick.  I wasn't wild about Sarrell, but I don't have a
taste of the character so I can't really tell.  How about an under-utilized
name from mythology? Niobe? Ninhursag?  Nimue?  My late character in the MUD
was Etaine Banfaith which I liked a lot except on days it seemed too heroic
sounding - and of course it was a comic character, so heroic-sounding was
sort of off the mark.

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