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Tue Jan 18 12:37:57 EST 2000

I know I'm a little slow responding, but did somebody (Sally?) mention 
"Humblepuppy" as one of their favorite short stories?
Yes! Yes! Where was this published?!!

I read a collection of Joan Aiken stories years and years ago - I couldn't 
have been more than ten because the book belonged to my friend Jessica who 
wasn't that close a friend later on. Images from some of the stories have 
been indelibly printed in my memory, but what I would really like is to 
reread these stories, and I can't find them *anywhere*.

Here's what I remember:

* Humblepuppy is the one about the ghost puppy who drowned, isn't it?
* A story about hatching a gryphon's egg (that was part of someone's 
* A story about a teacher named January who is ambushed by hoodlums
* A story about a glass dragon who doesn't like eating because you can see 
the people going down his insides. there's a glass clock in this story, too. 
I think.
* A story that made me cry and cry, that has something to do with a little 
orphan girl and a public phone booth she uses to speak to the king of an 
imaginary country?
* A story about an ogre who had a collection of princesses and was missing 
one with a particular shade of red hair.

It's maddening how I remember bits so clearly, but not remember the overall 
plot of the story at all. I remembered both "Power of Three" and "Drowned 
Ammet" like that for years until I got hold of another copy. I had read both 
of them as library books, but for some reason the library they were from no 
longer had them, so it was years between when I first read them somewhere 
between ages seven and ten, to when I finally got my own copies in London 
after graduating from highscool...

Anyway, if someone could tell me which collection these Joan Aiken stories 
are from, I'd be very grateful!

Come to think of it, I'd also like to reread the following books I read 
years and years ago, and don't remember the name of the book or the author:

1. This book may have been a little like a non-horror version of "Gremlins". 
About a boy who befriends a cute ratlike creature in an old house... and 
later finds some tadpoles that grow into more of these ratlike 

2. A book that starts with someone's brother volunteering for a trick in a 
magician's act at some birthday party, and the brother dissappears for good? 
Not "Tommyknockers". A kid's book. Maybe has to do with a whole community of 
people living inside a darkened store?

3. SF about a girl whose father designs a computer that takes over the 
entire city? Her dog dies?

4. A thick adult SF book, about a planet that has a whole caste of "Flyers", 
and a young girl who wants her own wings, and eventually earns them despite 
centuries of tradition?

I read all these books half a lifetime ago, and haven't the slightest idea 
how to relocate them. Perhaps some of you amazingly well-read people with 
tastes similar to mine will be able to assist?



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