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Mon Jan 17 18:04:07 EST 2000

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000 17:54:16 -0500 (EST), deborah wrote:

> This was entirely a gut reaction, that lasted.
> But I think McKinley (unlike DWJ) specifically writes what she
> loves, so if you love it too, you love her books.  Which  worked
> for me with most of her books, but not with _Rose Daughter_,
> because I don't love what she loves in that book.  She doesn't
> make you love it, you already have to in order to share her
> love.

I think this is extremely insightful.  I didn't care for _Rose Daughter_
much; not actively disliking it, but not feeling very attached to it either.
And yet I could tell the subject was something McKinley cared very much
about.  I love books; I don't love gardening.  I wonder if it really could
be that simple.

Melissa Proffitt

(Sorry for posting so much today, I'm struggling with a book review that
won't jell and I take frequent breaks)
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