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Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Mon Jan 17 03:53:23 EST 2000

hallieod at indigo.ie (Hallie O'Donovan) wrote:

>Sherwood Smith - Becca
>---Sarah: I found her two CROWN books too predictible to enjoy very

Really? Why did you find them so predictable? I found them-- don't know the
right words. (Argh! I wish I was older! [Well, that's a first.] ) I mean I
knew, for example, who was going to end up with whom, but I'd say anyone could
tell that. I just realised how bad that sounds--no offence intended. Could you
really tell what was going to happen? I would recommend the Court & Crown duet
to people who liked DWJ--but I am interested in your opinion.

Oh-Let me see what I can recall about these books...I read them when they
first came out; I have a habit of forgetting significant parts of books I
read, which is quite nice when re-reading books I love, but not for justifing
books I only felt so-so about.  When I first found the books I was really
excited because they looked great.  But yes, I could tell who was going to end
up with who (which I don't mind, really), but I also recall being able to
predict the battle stuff all too well.  The plot was not that intriguing.  I
even half-heartedly made myself finish the second book just to find out what
happened and not really caring about the characters, who seemed a little flat.
 It did occur to me that I probably would have liked it a lot more when I was

Of course, all this is also dependent on the mood I was in while reading it
and the fact that it is 12:45 in the morning and I am half asleep!  I wish I
could be more specific--all I really remember is:


a brother and sister and some guy wanted to take their land or something. 
There was also a man who lived on a mountain or hill who helped them plan a
war...?  And the sister didn't like him, I think.  The sister ended up with
the homestead or whatnot and I cannot think of anything else.  Can you jog my
memory?  Then I might be able to give you better feedback.


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