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Sun Jan 16 19:27:26 EST 2000

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> It reminds me of a moment in reading _Dogsbody_ (bet you didn't
> think I could drag this on-topic, huh?) when I really realized that
> it was a British book.  That scene where Sirius/Leo starts to be
> able to understand human speech, only at first he doesn't
> distinguish initial consonant sounds, and Basil teases him:  "He
> thought he learned the word 'walk' straight away...but he thought
> these pleasures were packed into a noise that went 'ork'."  Well,
> Americans don't put an 'r' into 'walk'--it just was so strange,
> because it was obvious once I thought about it, but when I'm reading
> the prose in a book by a British author, it comes out with an
> American accent.  Very interesting. 

I don't think British people put an 'r' into 'walk' either. Possibly
'awk' would have been a more accurate syllable.

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