First names (real ones!)(long)

Britta Koch bkoch at
Sun Jan 16 14:41:44 EST 2000

On 16 Jan, Sally Odgers wrote:
> I think it's probably a writer's duty to give some kind of clue in the body
> of the novel or else in a footnote or forward. 

I think it is a great help if the books get translated - even though
it's interesting to figure out how the author may have wanted the names
to sound. Now, if I knew exactly where the author came from (U.S., UK,
Scotland, Australia), would I pronounce them differently? Maybe, U.S.
with a drawl, Scottish really weird, Aussie with a funny a... ;)

> Now to the query I mentioned at the top;
> My current fantasy in progress (well, one of them -g-) has a heroine named
> Farran.
> How does Sarrell sound to you lot? And have you met it in any other books?
> Other possibilities are Patricka and Farrell itself - probably with a
> feminine ending. Farrella, say.
> Finally, can anyone turn Odgers into a feminine sounding name? I suppose I
> could translate it to Wealth Spear and back again - Goldblade or some such?

Just a few suggestions by a not-native English speaker (let's forget
about pronounciation ;)
Farylla, Qarran, Saryan, Sarryl, P'triqa, Ojera, Ojerya, Ogira,

Finally: I always thought "Glisten" was a beautiful-looking name (btw,
anyone remeber a short story with a female protagonist of that name?
Might be by MZB, but I'm not sure. Yes, it's "guess the story" again! ;)

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