Court & Crown

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Sun Jan 16 12:28:37 EST 2000

Becca, among many cool and intriguing things, wrote:
"Has anyone else read the duet? Any more thoughts?"

I must admit I didn't read it.  I am, however, so very intrigued by the
discussions that I shall do so as soon as the library gets them to me.
Woe, woe to my Algebra....


P.S.  Sally, I haven't seen Sarrell anywhere else.  I think Odegra sounds 
really cool.  It is also, however, (unless my memory betrays me) 
"the sigil of the black priesthood of Mu" and the maleficent shape into
which a certain demon has twisted the MSomething highway (?
something-way, anyway--am ignorant of British nomenclature) around London, 
according to that marvellous book Good Omens.

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