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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Jan 16 08:49:15 EST 2000

>I rather enjoyed Court Duel, but Crown Duel kept having me wanting to smack
>the little narriator upside the head. To me the most irritating sequence was
>where she is trying to escape home cross country without being caught and
>ends up in the same town as the tyrant king and his hangers-on.
>She watches him swaning about for a while and gets throughly pissed off. So,
>what does she do then but try to pay him back by stealing his horse and
>making a spectacale of herself galloping it through the market square. And
>this little broad is supposed to be what? A Countess, or Duchess or
>something? Duchess of where? Hazard County? She acted like an ignorant little
>hillbilly with neither manners nor conduct. Or, apparantly, common sense.

I prefered Court Duel as well. The reason I liked Crown Duel, though, is
that she was thrown into that Countess position, after running wild for all
her life, and she has to manage as best she can. And she didn't have
manners or conduct, did she, after living with the village brats? She is a
wonderful character, IMHO, because she does make mistakes and lives with
the consequences: she isn't a coward or an idiot (despite having no
education)  and she does what she has to do.

>She acted like an ignorant little
>hillbilly with neither manners nor conduct.

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say! She has no manners and no conduct and
no education, and she has to learn all those. And what's more, she has to
learn that she needs to learn them--as in CourtD, when Anonymous  says
there's a difference between the ignorant and the uneducated: she is
uneducated, but not ignorant, because she knows how little she knows.
Besides, all the stuff about Courtiers being bad has been drilled into her
since she was a baby, and I think it takes great spirit and determination
to unlearn it all in the end. Or at least to admit she might have been

*scratches her head and blinks several times* Did I just say all that? It
looks suspiciously like a rant, but it isn't really. Really. It's
a...discussion. Has anyone else read the duet? Any more thoughts? (Ha ha, I
will take you all on with my crossbow of words and my arrows of illogic!!)

A Thoroughly Keyed-Up Becca

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